Virtu Information Technologies we help our clients achieve their Big Data solution goals by leveraging our expertise in Big Data (MongoDB etc.), near Real Time search (Elasticsearch, etc.). Our DW/BI practice provides clients and enterprise product companies with best-in-class services that collect, organize, and analyze enterprise data residing in disparate systems which, in turn, generate the insights necessary to make strategic decisions that drive the business. To do this, we build and maintain data warehouses, implement algorithms for analytics, build ETL routines, perform complex calculations, provide integration solutions and large-scale reporting services and solutions. For clients that are required to implement their products at various locations, we can work onsite as well as from offshore.

With the increased use of applications for analysis of billing information, error monitoring and such comes a corresponding increase in application-generated logs. Virtu Information Technologies we help our clients analyze data generated by these applications, so that they can monitor and determine the health of the distributed setup (which usually includes hundreds of machines). Solutions like Logstash, Splunk and Kibana are used to provide real-time monitoring, which allows the user to reduce analysis time and respond quickly to any issues.

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Thought you might be interested in a very basic metric of our offshore utilization with Virtutech Solutions – It is over 240% growth in total utilization .Thanks VTS Team, Wow! Lots of activity. The VTS team continues to be an integral part of the Development Team.

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